It's official, I've been an Arts Entrepreneur for a year

Glass Elevator just celebrated its first birthday. My little baby is growing up! I am so proud. I am proud of what my artists have accomplished with and - more importantly - without me. I have found great joy and purpose helping Seattle artists. But to be honest, this has been a challenging year. It takes courage and resilience to run your own enterprise; it is not for the faint of heart.

This year has changed me.

Running my own enterprise brought challenges I didn’t expect. My peaks were epic, and my valleys were downright sorrowful. I’m a strategist. I plan. I organize. I obsessively research EVERYTHING. But the one thing I didn’t prepare was myself. I didn’t set up systems to refuel or re-energize myself. I thought the fruits of my labor would be enough - crazy right? When I found it wasn’t enough, I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt alone.

So, I reflected on what my personal fuel could be. I realized it was in front of me the whole time! I found healing through my own artistic expression. Dusting off my paintbrushes, and experimenting with color and texture was therapeutic. Who knew I needed support as an artist, too? Now I feel stronger, my passion for my work has been renewed, and I’ve learned how to be a better support system for artists.

“What do you do for a living?”

It took all year, but I managed to articulate “what I do” for artists: I fill in the blanks.

Artists can come to me looking to manage their chaos or ready to launch into their next exciting adventure. I help boost their confidence and fill in the blanks in their process. As a listening ear, strategic planning partner or ideator, my services allow artists to recognize opportunities and seize them.

As Glass Elevator enters its second year, I will keep being the blank-filler that artists need. I’m also going to learn new mediums and explore my own art practice: It’s beneficial for me and my artists. Bring on the terrible twos!

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