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The Power & Rules of Social Media

Hey you creatives!

We all have this love/hate relationship with social media. Even though it can drive us crazy, we cannot deny it is an essential tool in our daily lives. So here’s something to think about: We tend to have a personal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat account etc. But what about your art business? Are you using social media venues to promote your business? Is your brand out there on social media? Do you have a brand? How is your business represented on social media?

The social media world is not something to fear. Treat it like one of those friends that is great at networking and sharing information. Social media channels can propel your artistic business offering the attention and website traffic that you desire. Often, new connections will follow an Instagram account before they visit a website. It is undeniable, people love to follow each other on social media and it’s time to harness that power! Become one of those shining social media stars (that you are secretly jealous of) and take your business to another level.

Yes, it’s a time commitment. Treat your ‘social media time’ as a job. It is one of those little jobs that you acquired, because let's face it, having one job is so over.

Take time out of your day (yes, every day) to engage social media. I am not saying be one of those people in a group who’s always on their phone. I am saying: Take twenty minutes out of your day to promote your brand through social media. Trust me, you will see a difference in your followers instantly.

Here are Glass Elevator’s six simple social media rules:

1. Post every day It is all about being memorable! If posting every day is overwhelming, chose a specific time to stop and post something each day. 11 am - 12:45 pm is a great time to stop and post. The 9-5’ers will be on their lunch break and will likely see your post in their feed.

2. Only use relevant channels Don’t worry about using every social media channel. Stick to the places you have an audience and only start a new channel if you have an audience there. Once you have established accounts, share them between channels.

3. Engage other people’s social media The goal is to be known. Chose people or pages you like and comment, like or share their content. This will boost your presence and their content can freshen up your feed.

4. Constantly take photos During the day take photos of your work; the process, your studio, selfies in your studio, your neighborhood, food and art supplies. Get creative and be memorable!

5. Strategize Develop a social media plan of action. Spend some time creating a plan of how you are going to tackle social media. Evaluate your past posts to see if it encompasses your body of work? How do you want to represent yourself online?

6. Use Hashtags! Hashtags can be thought of as search terms. Use them to “tag” your posts so someone can find them if they search for your terms.

I hear you asking, is this really necessary? Yes! Don’t be afraid, become an internet superstar! If you are wondering how to take your business to the next level, social media can help. It’s 2017 and reality is that people meet artists and then want to follow them on Instagram. Social media can take you from a local artist, to an international artist! Make people around the world into potential clients. Do not limit your business to just the community you are in. Social media provides global exposure for you and your brand.

Stop wasting time and make the leap. Put your artistic career into gear and utilize the powers of social media. Make a plan, schedule the social media time into your daily routine, and don’t forget about those hashtags!

If you are looking for support, or more tips and goodies on social media, Glass Elevator is here for you. Glass Elevator can help you with your social media plan, scheduling and provide the support you need to ramp up your social media game. We know social media can be a job in itself, so let us help you!

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